Visions & Values

Our Mission Statement


1) To provide care and development for each person according to their individual needs and to provide a home for as long as desired.

2) To create an environment, which ensures that the house is regarded as a place where valued people live and they are living together on a positive basis for abilities.

3) To ensure that all time staff recognise the right of individuals to have control over their own lives and in such a way, which enhances the individual’s dignity and self-esteem.

4) To provide opportunities for people to develop their life skills and potential while recognising that this may involve time and calculated risks.

5) To provide a stable and supportive background which enables people to develop meaningful relationships, a positive self-imagine within their community at large.

6) To give people the right to be involved in the day to day running of their home and to be consulted when significant decisions affecting their lives are being made.

7) To encourage individuals to participate in community activities and new experiences beyond the confines of their homes

Our Vision

For everyone to achieve their full potential in a empowering, safe and person centred way, with passionate support.

Our Values


S – Sense of belonging

To have a worthwhile contribution to the community, enabling the people we support to have a voice that will be heard and by promoting a sense of feeling safe in their community and at home.

P – Positive self-image

For everyone to have a feeling of pride and to have confidence in their own abilities and appearance. To have a sense of purpose. To be part of their community and to have access to opportunities. To have involvement in all areas of their life.

E – Everyone matters

Everyone is equal. Residents, staff and families are all valued.

E – Empowerment

Ensuring that the people we support and staff are given a voice that is heard and everyone is provided with the opportunity to develop control and to contribute.

D – Development

To support the people we support and staff to set achievable goals, to motivate and encourage to achieve and to celebrate successes no matter how small.

See our signed commitment to our Visions & Values from our senior staff

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