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At R.E.A.C.H. we provide person centered support that is tailored to meet each individual. We recognise that everyone is an individual with unique needs, likes, dislikes & wishes and together with important personnel in the individuals life we record and build a plan on how we should support them in all areas of their lives.

Through the planning process, we also identify the associated risks and again work with the individual and the important people in their lives and professionals to ensure we support the person appropriately to participate in activities whilst managing and reducing the risks involved.

We work with health professionals to ensure each individual’s health needs are met. Many of our residents have complex health needs, these can include; Epilepsy, allergies, diabetic, difficulties swallowing, support around medication, mobility needs and behaviors which can be perceived as challenging.

We support individuals to attend routine health appointments and screenings, as well as to access urgent medical attention when required.

Our support teams are very experienced at supporting individuals with their complex needs, whilst respecting their likes and dislikes and working within best practice guidelines and legislation, such as The Mental capacity act 2005 and deprivations of liberties safeguards.

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