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Our process of support begins from the person being referred to us. We complete a full and detailed assessment. We also discuss their dreams and wishes for the future and build our support approach around that. We welcome the individual, their loved ones and any interested professionals to visit our homes, prior to a placement being agreed.

Once a placement has been agreed, we work with the individual, their family and professionals to agree a planned transition to the home; this can include visits, meals and overnight stays.

We also recognise that on occasions, due to emergency circumstances the above process is not possible or in their best interests. In these cases we are flexible and work with the individual, their families and professionals to offer the right support to meet their needs and wishes, whilst we carry out a full assessment of need. This can include an emergency admission for a period of assessment by us of the person’s needs and wishes and of the individual and their families and professionals of the support provided.

We are also happy to offer placements on a respite basis depending on availability, assessment and compatibility.

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