It is heart warming when we receive messages of support from our residents’ families and friends.  It is also very much appreciated by all the staff who are doing a fantastic job in keeping their loved ones safe during this pandemic.  Below are just a few words of support that have helped to keep us all going:

“As a family we definitely have no complaints.  … and I are really pleased with how … is doing, and the team there at the moment are faultless!  It puts our minds at rest when there are such kind and dedicated people who have …’s best interests at heart.”

“We fully agree with you still having restrictions in place at the REACH homes, and will support any further decisions made.”  “… has been having a wonderful time, and for a big socialiser who enjoys going out as part of her routine, … has come up trumps.  Many thanks Nassrin and all your staff who keep the wheels going.”

“Thank you very much for your letter of reassurance.  Though we are aching to see … and hug her again, we fully understand the need for ultra caution, and that we have to wait until it is clear that the virus is under control.  I also understand that it must be difficult for your staff not to be able to give the residents their usual outings and activities, just as so many across the country have.  We are lucky to have been able to see her once a week on her IPad and are grateful to the staff for organising this regularly.”

He is coping so well and we are really proud of him and all the staff who help him.  He has huge trust issues and for him to feel comfortable in all personal care and now including have his hair cut at his home is absolutely amazing.  This is such a success!!  We can’t wait to see him.  Thank you for taking such great care of him.”

Thank you for looking after ….. during this very difficult time.  We realise how hard this is for you all, and wanted to let you know that we are thinking of you all and sending our love.”

Thank you once again for your supportThank You Hearts Card Cover