Located next to Cippenham Village Green, our Cippenham location is an airy and energetic 12 bed detached house with large and bright open spaces and communal areas. The majority of residents at Cippenham have been there since we opened the house, and are now in the older age range, all are verbal and communicative, enjoy an active and great quality life, and love a good natter.


12 Bedroom Detached Home

Large (easily accessible) Garden with Vegetable Patch

Large Communal area

2 Cars (1 small family car + 1 adapted for 2/3 wheelchair users)

All ground floor areas of house are wheelchair accessible

Stair lift installed for 1st floor access

Surrounding Area

  • Next door to Cippenham Village Green
  • Plenty of shops
  • Local surgery
  • Local Library
  • Local pubs
  • Restaurants
  • Cinemas
  • Theatre
  • British legion and age concern clubs
  • Community centre
  • Slough has many amenities and recreational facilities of a “city “ life
  • Two large indoor shopping centres
  • Leisure centre

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