Below is a message from 20-22 Bierton Road, Aylesbury who have been reflecting on the past year:

We are continuing to support our residents as we recently passed a year since the first UK lockdown.  The Coronavirus pandemic led to rapid changes across the Social Health Care Sector.  We stayed focused on the needs of our residents by responding swiftly to Government announcements and challenges posed by the pandemic.  We are excited for life to get back to some form of normality, however we still have challenges ahead.  We have an ongoing commitment to our residents to be focused on everything we do.  In the meantime, we are committed to being a great place to work.  We are incredibly proud of our colleagues for their collaboration and positive spirit throughout the past year.  They have worked hard to meet challenges and support our residents, and we couldn’t have done it all without them.  Finally, a huge thanks to our residents’ families for their support during the most challenging of years.  We have been feeling grateful, reflecting on how you have been so patient and resilient.”

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